A Penny for your Thoughts

In June 2015 I cycled my penny farthing bicycle from John O’Groats to Lands’ End (the JOGLE), raising money for ‘Ride – On Cycling for All,’ a charity based in Exeter. I kept largely to minor roads, cycling over 1000 miles in total. The money raised helped to purchase two specially adapted rickshaws, as developed by Cycling without Age in Denmark. I strongly recommend visiting the Cycling without Age website. It’s inspirational. We’ll all be old one day, and what could be better than feeling the wind through your hair!

The blog below will enable you to follow my travels across the country.

On route I interviewed people about what they thought of the idea of life as a journey. I am currently writing this up as a book, ‘A Penny for your Thoughts,’ which I hope to have published in the near future.





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Enduring Lovers

Where to begin? I was encouraged as part of my training as a systemic couple and family therapist to converse with members from my family of origin.

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Travel Writing

As I walked out one mid summer morning I was greeted by the roar of waves crashing in white froth on rocks below, whipped into a cool spray by a strong on-shore wind.

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Welsh Dragon

“Dragons aren’t real,” I said, as I carried the kayak through thick luscious meadow, peppered with bright buttercups. “You’re daydreaming!”

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